Eight years for Valencia regional deputy who defrauded millions in aid money

Rafael Blasco and his accomplices bought real estate with funds destined for Latin America projects

latin america

Brazilian indigenous tribes join anti-World Cup demonstrations

Protestors in Brasilia use bows and arrows to defend themselves against police tear gas Public transportation workers announce strike in Rio de Janeiro

latin america

Over 700,000 Venezuelans slipped into extreme poverty in one year

Twelve months after Maduro came power, 10% of population are living in precarious conditions Food shortages and inflation are hurting the poorest hardest


Around 2,000 African migrants attempt to jump Melilla border fence

Nearly 500 make it over, pushing holding center in Spanish north African exclave “to the limit” Over 2,500 people now sit in facility that only has space for 480


The Madrid art of accessibility

The capital offers a range of cultural and sporting activities for the visually and hearing impaired Sign language plays, touchable paintings and adapted mountain races are among the innovations

Spanish government tones down its controversial Citizen Safety Law

Focused on breaking up street protests, the proposed legislation had come in for strong criticism Revised bill modifies harsh provisions regarding home searches, street checks, frisking and fines