Civil Guard releases video of spectacular high-speed boat chase

Officers boarded yacht carrying drugs during incident in international waters near Melilla

Civil Guard video of a high-speed boat chase

The Civil Guard has released a video showing a high-speed boat chase between the Spanish authorities and a small yacht loaded with 300 kilos of hashish. The incident took place in international waters close to Melilla and involved an auxiliary speedboat from the Civil Guard vessel Rio Miño and an Italian helicopter, from which the events were filmed.

As the recording shows, the civil guards opted to board the yacht while it was still in motion, after a high-speed chase during which the drug traffickers made a series of dangerous maneuvers.

Once on board, the officers were “met with punches and shoves,” according to sources from the Spanish authorities.

The yacht used by the traffickers flies a Spanish flag, is registered in Melilla, and had its registration numbers deliberately removed. It also had a high-powered outboard motor in order to increase its speed.

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