Two dozen immigrants manage to cross border in latest attempt in Melilla

Many of the Sub-Saharans have been returned to Morocco after six hours on the fence

The sub-Saharan migrants perch on the border fence in Melilla on Thursday.Photo: atlas | Video: Vídeo: Atlas / Foto: Antonio Ruiz

Around 200 would-be migrants tried to get across the border of the Spanish exclave of Melilla at 10am on Thursday, six days after the last such attempt by some of the reportedly thousands of sub-Saharans camped out in Morocco.

The Moroccan authorities were able to stop the majority from reaching Spanish soil, apart from a group of two dozen or so immigrants, who slipped past the officers.

The men managed to make it to the top of the fence, from where they began shouting “Freedom, freedom, freedom!”

One of the group had to be helped down by a civil guard with a ladder, after he appeared to faint. The Spanish officers also supplied the sub-Saharans with water, to stop them from dehydrating.

At least 20 of the migrants have since been returned to Morocco, after spending more than six hours perching on the border.


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