Making sense of the Gürtel investigation

The judge handling the huge corruption case involving the ruling PP is struggling to close his inquiry The biggest pre-trial probe undertaken by the criminal court, it involves 200 suspects in six regions From Bárcenas' ledgers to refurbishments at PP HQ, EL PAÍS takes you through its multiple strands

franco crimes

Ex-Civil Guard officer fights extradition to Argentina to face torture charges

Jesús Muñecas is accused of beating a man at a Gipuzkoa prison in 1968

referendum row

Top court declares Catalan sovereignty declaration unconstitutional

Vote comes on first day justices gather to begin discussing challenge made by Rajoy


High Court invokes Geneva Convention in Telecinco cameraman’s murder inquiry

Judge skirts government’s modifications to universal jurisdiction doctrine to keep Couso case open


Valencia PP paid Gürtel ring under the table, police report shows

Corrupt business network received 80 percent of payments in black-market money


Garzón reacts angrily to Supreme Court opposition to pardon

Ruling follows prosecutor’s report shooting down petition by judges’ association

toward the end of eta terrorism

ETA members took “decommissioned” weapons with them

After meeting with verification commission members, the terrorists packed their arsenal away


Prosecutor wants Barcelona FC named official suspect in Neymar case

Club failed to pay over nine million euros in tax relating to Brazilian’s signing, says court attorney


Under the judges' shield

Citizens are increasingly turning to the courts to change the course of politics


Spain bans “dangerous” Latin American street gang Dominican Don’t Play

Supreme Court adds group to other banned criminal organizations


Top court sides with passengers suing over wildcat air traffic strike

High Court ordered to explain initial rejection of joint suit or admit complaint from 2010 stoppage


Fifteen years in the courts, but embezzling ex-Barça chief will walk free

Top court upholds convictions of Núñez and tax inspectors but reduces prison sentences


Judge Garzón pardon request was lost for over a year

Petition for magistrate’s suspension to be lifted was filed in mid-2012 but no action has been taken

Top judges suspend Andalusia’s pioneering anti-eviction law

Popular Party government appeal accepted by Constitutional Court magistrates

Prosecutors appeal against investigation into Madrid premier’s luxury penthouse

Probe should focus on company registered in US tax haven, state attorneys argue


Judges, lawyers and police argue that Citizens Safety Law will curtail rights

Government is seeking to protect itself with "unnecessary legislation"

High Court orders release of 13 ETA terrorists under Strasbourg ruling

Chief justice fears “social alarm” as rapists and murderers also turned loose

Terrorism and the law

Supreme Court leaves decisions on ETA terrorist releases to lower tribunals

European ruling on sentence-stretching “Parot doctrine” will be applied on a case-by-case basis


Gürtel judge orders banks to supply details of suspect’s dealings

Magistrate’s decision follows reluctance on part of lenders to supply information

Nine more ETA prisoners released after Strasbourg ruling

Decision taken before Supreme Court ruling on Monday


Bárcenas controlled PP accounts until 2011, court papers show

Filings by tax office with investigating judge contradict party’s version under which ex-treasurer had resigned two years earlier


ETA killer’s lawyers to pursue compensation in High Court

Strasbourg awarded Inés del Río 30,000 euros in damages under Human Rights Convention

Top court sides with firm that fired pregnant worker

Ruling states that "[work] contract had been terminated during her probationary period"


ETA terrorists poised to walk free after European court strikes down “Parot doctrine”

ECHR calls method of calculating sentences to keep criminals in jail “illegal detention” Justice Minister Gallardón argues ruling "only affects the appellant" in this case

Constitutional Court ruling opens way for firms to spy on work emails

Sacked employee who revealed sensitive data sees appeal rejected Justices consider that workplace rules on use of account trump right to privacy


The law finally catches up with former Castellón cacique Fabra

Bringing the PP baron to court has been like running an obstacle course

Constitutional Court throws out Catalonia’s claim of bias against chief justice

Only two out of 11 of Pérez de los Cobos’ peers deemed his membership of a political party was incompatible with his role as a magistrate