Spain’s Basque region admits to second wave of Covid-19

More European countries are introducing travel restrictions as the coronavirus incidence continues to rise


Catalonia’s ‘3% case’ brings political and business leaders close to trial

A judge has ended a years-long probe into alleged commissions paid by companies for public works contracts when the region was governed by Democratic Convergence of Catalonia


Switzerland introduces 10-day quarantine for travelers from Spain

The Canary Islands announce free insurance coverage for visitors who test positive for Covid-19


How the departure of Spain’s former king was planned

After talks between intermediaries stalled, Juan Carlos and his son, the reigning Felipe VI, met face to face to deal with the fallout from a financial scandal

Spanish royal family

Political parties divided over former king’s decision to leave Spain

The rift is also apparent within the coalition government of the Socialist Party and the leftist Unidas Podemos, which accuses the emeritus king of fleeing the justice system


Juan Carlos I: a necessary distance

Spain’s former king is leaving the country to prevent his personal problems from affecting the monarchy


Spain reports nearly 1,000 new daily Covid-19 cases

As the country grapples with a surge in infections, authorities have requested financial assistance from a EU loan program to soften the effects of coronavirus on employment


Spain to release funds for mass grave exhumations

Government announces €750,000 in grants, nine years after conservatives slashed the budget for historical memory projects


Spain’s PM asks for spirit of consensus to aid recovery

Pedro Sánchez gave Congress details of the recent EU fund deal and urged the opposition to be open to similar agreements back home


Gibraltar seeks to keep EU ties after Brexit transition ends

The British Overseas Territory is not ruling out joining the customs union or the Schengen Area, but its future relationship depends on the UK and Spain


WhatsApp confirms 2019 attack on Catalan politician’s cellphone

Roger Torrent, the speaker of the regional parliament and a supporter of independence, was targeted with a program used by government clients worldwide


Spanish prosecutors seek up to 41 years for perpetrators of 2017 Barcelona terrorist attacks

Islamist radicals killed 16 people and injured over 140 in the Catalan capital and Cambrils after several cell members died in an accidental blast while manipulating explosives


EU deal may help Spain pass budget, but limit labor reform

All parties hailed the €140 billion allocation to help fight the effects of the coronavirus, but the money comes with conditions that could cause friction between the coalition partners


Spain to get €140 billion from historic EU coronavirus recovery fund

The country becomes the second biggest recipient of aid after Italy, and €72.2 billion will take the form of grants that do not have to be repaid


EU recovery fund conditions could hinder labor law changes in Spain

If so-called "frugal" countries impose their demands for releasing Covid-19 grants, the Spanish executive may have to delay plans for revising 2012 reform that made it cheaper to fire employees


Catalan government recommends residents of Barcelona and metropolitan area stay at home

The advice, which affects four million people in municipalities such as Badalona, comes as the number of coronavirus cases continues to rise in the region


Ex-Catalan premier Jordi Pujol and entire family facing trial over suspect fortune

A court says there is enough evidence to try the one-time regional chief, his wife and their seven children for taking bribes in exchange for government contracts and other favors


Spain releases more funds to fight Covid-19 as cases keep mounting

Barcelona reports three times as many infections from one week to the next, while other regions make face masks mandatory


Catalan government confirms more flexible regime for jailed separatist leaders

The decision, which the public prosecutor will appeal, means that politicians such as Oriol Junqueras will be spending just four nights a week in prison


With over 100 coronavirus outbreaks, more Spanish regions make face masks mandatory

Regional authorities are taking charge of controlling surges while the central government rules out a new state of alarm


Switzerland investigates €3.5m transfer from account held by Spain’s emeritus king to The Bahamas

Prosecutors continue to probe allegations of money laundering involving a foundation linked to Juan Carlos I, who abdicated the throne in 2014

The 20 innovations that have changed Spanish football


Spain’s nominee loses Eurogroup presidency in surprise defeat

Nadia Calviño was backed by Germany, France and Italy, and the reversal weakens the Spanish position ahead of a key summit on an EU coronavirus recovery fund


Catalonia makes face masks mandatory in all public spaces

Starting on Thursday, violators will face €100 fines as authorities race to contain a large coronavirus outbreak in Lleida province


Brussels forecasts a 10.9% contraction of Spanish economy in 2020

This is more than the 9.4% decline predicted in the spring, and it creates a wider gap between Spain and the euro zone


Final round of coronavirus study confirms that 5.2% of Spanish population has antibodies

A total of 10% of healthcare workers tested positive, while police and fire crews also saw higher than average incidences


Catalan government confines residents of Segrià in Lleida due to rising coronavirus cases

The ‘comarca,’ which is home to more than 200,000 inhabitants, has seen outbreaks in several food companies, a senior residence and a hostel