Spain’s former king Juan Carlos targeted by new investigation

Supreme Court prosecutors will take over a probe reported to involve credit cards used by the ex-monarch after stepping down from the throne in 2014


Police make 32 arrests in Madrid, after second night of disturbances across Spain

Violent demonstrators have taken to the streets this weekend in cities including Barcelona, Bilbao and Málaga to protest coronavirus restrictions such as the nighttime curfew


State of alarm: All the latest coronavirus restrictions in Spain, region by region

Here is a guide to the measures that have been introduced by each regional government in a bid to slow the spread of the virus


Spanish Congress approves six-month extension to state of alarm as coronavirus crisis grows

Main opposition party abstains to show that it considers the emergency measure abusively long


Nearly all of Spain’s regions set to close their borders ahead of long weekend

Only Extremadura, Galicia and the Canary Islands are not considering the measure for now, with Madrid opting to limit the perimetral confinements to the shortest time frame possible


Spain’s PM agrees to more congressional oversight during state of alarm

Pedro Sánchez will appear regularly before parliament in exchange for support for a six-month extension to the emergency measure


Spain planning tax hikes for highest earners as part of expansive budget

The minority government's blueprint allocates a record €239.8 billion to public investment to overcome the coronavirus crisis


Spain’s new state of alarm: more regions close their borders

Aragón, Asturias and the Basque Country join Navarre and La Rioja in sealing their territory, while Catalonia is considering weekend home confinements


Spain’s streets empty once again as country enters first night of curfew

There were few people to be seen in Madrid, Barcelona, Seville and Valencia on Sunday night after the Spanish government declared a state of alarm in a bid to contain the spread of the coronavirus


Spanish prime minister approves new state of alarm with plans to keep it in place until May

The new decree gives regional governments the option to prohibit travel in and out of their territories unless it is justified, as well as imposing an obligatory nationwide curfew between 11pm and 6am


Spain heads toward another state of alarm

Eight regions and Melilla have already called on the government to implement the emergency measure, which will not necessarily involve a lockdown like the one in the spring. The regions would, however, have greater powers to limit mobility in a bid to curb coronavirus infections


Madrid announces new restrictions on social gatherings to curb coronavirus spread

Under the new measures, effective once the state of alarm expires on Saturday afternoon, meetings between midnight and 6am will be limited to people from the same household


Andalusia, Valencia announce curfews to curb coronavirus transmission

After a meeting of health authorities failed to produce an agreement on nationwide restrictions, Spanish regions are taking the initiative to limit nighttime activity


Vox’s motion of no confidence fails, securing only the votes of its own deputies

In a surprise move, Popular Party leader Pablo Casado launched a scathing attack on the far-right group in Congress today, symbolically breaking all links with its leader Santiago Abascal


Political poison

The limelight afforded to Vox’s radical ideas at the no-confidence debate in Spanish Congress casts a shadow on the country


EL PAÍS teams up with Gymglish to offer personalized English lessons

Readers who sign up will receive a 21-day free trial of the online classes which are adapted to a student’s specific needs


Coronavirus cases in Spain top one million as pandemic accelerates

Country becomes the first in Western Europe to hit the symbolic figure while daily reported cases reach new record


At first day of no confidence debate, Vox’s bid for power fails to find any support

Party leader Santiago Abascal spent more than two hours listing catastrophes he attributed to the Spanish government, citing George Soros, the Taliban and ISIS


At no-confidence debate, Spain’s PM urges opposition PP “not to fall into the abyss of the far right”

Vox leader Santiago Abascal launched blistering attacks against the coalition government, calling it “social-communist,” “criminal” and “illegitimate,” among other epithets


Confusion persists over curfew plans for Madrid once state of alarm expires

Meanwhile, Aragón and La Rioja have announced new coronavirus restrictions on movement in an attempt to curb infection rates


Ex-chief of Catalan police force acquitted of sedition over 2017 secessionist drive

Spain’s High Court has cleared Josep Lluís Trapero and three other defendants of all charges related to the events in Catalonia, which included an illegal referendum on independence


Spanish government considering nationwide state of alarm to implement a curfew

Health Minister Salvador Illa today confirmed the possibility was being studied, but stressed it would require the support of the regions and opposition parties such as the PP


Madrid region open to a curfew once current state of alarm expires

Sources from the regional government said they would want it in place from midnight to 6am, so that bars and restaurants could continue with their activity, but outdoor drinking and parties in private residences could be avoided


Why Spain will not ask for €70 billion of its share of EU recovery fund

With interest rates near zero and soaring public debt, the Spanish government would rather focus on the non-repayable grants than on the loans it is entitled to - and it is not the only one


PRISA refinances its debt until 2025 and agrees to sell Santillana Spain for €465m

The agreement establishes a framework for a future effective separation of the Education and Media businesses


Spain defends its judicial reform plans despite warning from Brussels

Government says reducing the required majority to name members of the CGPJ legal watchdog will help unblock stalled appointments, but EU cautions against a risk of ‘politicization’


Second wave ‘probably’ starting to stabilize in Spain, says Health Ministry official

The latest report presented on Thursday by Fernando Simón included 13,318 new coronavirus cases, after antigen test results were incorporated into the data