How second-generation immigrants are transforming the landscape of Spanish society

Children born to foreigners are maintaining their connection to their parents’ culture while seeking out references that will help them forge their own identity


Public prosecutor in Spain accuses Shakira of €14.5 million tax fraud

Colombian singer allegedly feigned residency in the Bahamas despite residing in Catalonia most of the year


Spanish police deal “final blow” to bloodthirsty Costa del Sol gang “the Swedes”

Three more members of the international network, allegedly responsible for a series of brutal killings, have been arrested as part of a major crackdown


More than 9,000 officers will police Spanish Cabinet meeting in Barcelona

Law enforcement is bracing for street protests planned by pro-independence groups for the arrival of Pedro Sánchez in Catalonia on December 21


How the dreams of Messi’s young Afghan fan turned into a nightmare

The family of seven-year-old Murtaza Ahmadi, who met his soccer idol in 2016, is currently living in fear of the Taliban


Spain set to approve €7.3-billion weapons program

The money will be spent on building five F110 class frigates, purchasing 348 battle vehicles and upgrading the Eurofighter jet


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, December 14, 2018


How a hashtag inspired 150,000 women to break the silence on sexual abuse

A team of data analysts from the Barcelona Supercomputing Center have studied nearly three million tweets that were sent out over just two weeks