Spain’s Rajoy tiptoes around graft case at special session of Congress

Prime Minister avoids discussing Gürtel and defies opposition to mount a censure vote against him


Islamic leader in Spain: “The state does not tell us if an imam has a criminal record”

Riay Tatary, president of the Islamic Commission, denies a lack of oversight at the country’s mosques



Ros cartoon, August 30, 2017

Tomatina Festival

The mystery of the Tomatina festival doppelgänger

Five years ago a woman saw a photo of someone at tomato throwing fiesta who looked just like her

Multi-party politics

Balearic Islands: the challenge of consensus politics in Spain

Four left-wing parties seem unable to agree on key policy questions including regulating tourism


Young migrants housed in Spanish campground as bed shortage bites

Surge in arrivals along the coast of Tarifa leaves authorities struggling to find them proper housing

Fiestas in Spain

Video: Tomatina 2017 live

Thousands gather in Valencia for the world-famous annual tomato fight


Grape picking by night: the new trend at Spain’s Jerez wineries

World-famous sherry wine region increasingly picking fruit after sunset to avoid the sweltering heat