Obama’s historic Cuba visit

Castro: “Give me a list of political prisoners and I will release them”

The Cuban and US presidents face reporters after their historic meeting in Havana on Monday. Obama, meanwhile, says embargo will end, but says he “can’t be entirely sure” when

Obama’s historic Cuba visit

Obama announces Google’s plans to enter Cuba, to “give people a voice”

US strategy on the island focusing on new technologies and opening up private sector

Obama’s historic Cuba visit

Obama and Raúl Castro begin historic meeting in Havana

US president, who will also be meeting with business leaders and dissidents, calls encounter “just a first step”


Barcelona mayor praises Podemos after criticizing leader’s “arrogance”

New book out about Ada Colau comes at a difficult time for the anti-austerity party

Obama’s historic Cuba visit

“If Trump wins, I’m moving to Cuba”

Ever more US tourists are falling in love with the island, while Cubans see Obama as a sign of hope


US to declassify records on Argentina’s dictatorship

President Obama will seek to renew his country’s image when he travels to Buenos Aires after Cuba trip


Catalan towns to analyze DNA from dog feces to identify animals

Three municipalities to test droppings to locate owners who fail to clear up after their pet


Tarragona bus driver may have fallen asleep at the wheel before fatal crash

Catalan authorities confirm nationalities of the 13 victims, who were all foreign students

Obama’s historic Cuba visit

Obama arrives in Cuba to seal the thawing of diplomatic relations

US president to meet Raúl Castro, business leaders and dissidents during historic visit