Ex-Catalan premier and wife named as targets of money-laundering probe

Jordi Pujol and Marta Ferrusola subpoenaed to appear on February 10 before High Court

2015 Spanish general elections

Socialists struggle with internal strife over party pact talks and leadership

Valencia’s regional chief predicts new elections: “The numbers just don’t add up” Ex-Basque Country believes his group is making “a public spectacle” of itself

Latin America

Two Mexican marines gunned down as they hunt for ‘El Chapo’

Authorities intensify search for Sinaloa cartel leader who escaped from prison last summer


After the Canary Islands shark attack, is it safe to go back into the water?

Experienced divers are baffled by the bite a Madrid woman suffered in Gran Canaria

Latin America

Maduro challenges opposition election victories before top court

If appeal accepted, the swearing in of new National Assembly members will be postponed

Siblings arrested for keeping brother locked up in appalling conditions

The victim, a man with mental problems, was kept naked on a filthy mattress


Why 80% of Spanish youngsters are still living with their parents

A new report highlights the difficulties under-30s face when it comes to leaving home