The day-to-day instability of Spanish cities governed by the far left

Turbulent relationships within Podemos-led coalitions are on display in Madrid, Valencia and Barcelona


Third cyclist dies after drunk driver accident in Valencia

Victim had been in hospital since Sunday, when a driver rammed into a group of riders near Oliva


Valencian lawyer freed from US jail, but yet to head home to see daughter

María José Carrascosa was sent to prison after taking child to Spain against wishes of father

2015 Spanish general elections

Socialists struggle with internal strife over party pact talks and leadership

Valencia’s regional chief predicts new elections: “The numbers just don’t add up” Ex-Basque Country believes his group is making “a public spectacle” of itself

Spanish government criticizes music festival’s ban on Jewish US singer

Ministry says request for Matisyahu to make a political statement “violates the conscience”

New Valencia mayor decides to sell off predecessor’s armored Audi A8

Joan Ribó, of the Compromís regionalists, wants to break with previous governance style

Valencia’s herd of white elephants

The City of Arts and Sciences is over budget, unfinished, and plagued by scandals