Under-16s no longer allowed to marry in Spain as new law comes into force

Previous legislation permitted 14-year-olds to wed on a case-by-case basis

Donald Trump enjoys glory in the polls after immigrant insults

‘USA Today’ survey says mogul is leading the race to become the Republican candidate

Spain’s taurine fiestas

Valencia leader calls for more caution after Frenchman’s goring death

But new premier Ximo Puig falls short of supporting ban on bull runs at regional fiestas


Despite court ban in Spain, Uber drivers return to streets of Barcelona

The car-sharing service has transformed itself into an upmarket food delivery firm


Security camera footage of El Chapo’s escape released by Mexican authorities

In face of international embarrassment, government goes on the counteroffensive Soldiers, politicians and intelligence agents have been mobilized to find the drug lord

Video: Thieving seagull treats GoPro owners to aerial tour of Cíes Islands

Bird mistook the camera for a snack and flew around the Galician isles with it in its beak

Catalan elections 2015

Catalan parties planning to declare independence after election win

Details have emerged of pact between Convergence (CDC) and the Catalan Republican Left The groups are planning on running together at September’s regional elections


Video: Man arrested after leveling road signs with combine harvester

The dangerous maneuver was captured on video by the occupants of the car behind


Is fast food killing off Spain’s famed Mediterranean diet?

Younger Spaniards are shifting away from their parents’ traditional eating habits