Why the Middle Ages have become incredibly relevant

Far-right parties like Vox in Spain use doubtful historical facts to justify their vision of a modern-day Islamic invasion

general election 2019

What is the real power of the far right in Spain?

Experts warn that Vox could shift the debate on key issues like immigration after the group won 24 seats in Congress

Notre Dame Cathedral Fire

Notre-Dame de Paris: where all the paths in France converge

One of the most powerful symbols of Europe will overcome the fire, just as it has resisted other disasters throughout the centuries


The limits of genocide

The verdict increasing the sentence against Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic reopens the debate on the difficulties of proving the most serious crime in international law


Hate campaign strikes major Auschwitz exhibition in Madrid

The comprehensive event has received many anti-Semitic threats before its inauguration

spain’s cultural heritage

Spanish scientists use cutting-edge technology to uncover cave paintings

Team from Cantabria Museum of Prehistory explores area close to Altamira complex


Dunkirk, the last great mystery of World War II

Why did Hitler allow British troops to return home after their defeat in France in May 1940?


The world braces itself for a future of heat waves

Scientists are predicting more frequent, more intense and longer-lasting extreme weather events


When the world shut its doors to the Jews

UN papers highlight parallels between failure to help those fleeing Nazis and Syria crisis today

Spanish Civil War

The super spy who failed to kill Franco

Spanish writer produces first biographical account of Kim Philby’s role in country’s civil war


The Spanish role in the French Resistance

British historian Robert Gildea deconstructs the official version of events in his new book


The night Spain’s transition to democracy nearly derailed

New book explores the 1977 Atocha massacre of five labor lawyers in Madrid


France awaits Spain’s proposal for supporting fight against Islamic State

Madrid has yet to make a clear offer after backtracking on plans to bolster Mali contingent


How Halloween came to push out All Hallows’ Eve

Dismissed by many Spaniards as too American, the celebration’s roots lie firmly in old Europe


Why Plato has been expelled from Spanish high schools

Latest conservative education reforms further reduce teaching of philosophy to students


Is fast food killing off Spain’s famed Mediterranean diet?

Younger Spaniards are shifting away from their parents’ traditional eating habits

Las Ventas: bringing bullfighting’s present and past together

Madrid bullring’s library and museum offer a singular glimpse into the practice’s history


Why Spain’s research and development is going nowhere

Universities are coming up with great ideas, but struggle to adapt them to the market

A 37-minute prehistoric journey

As visits resume, EL PAÍS joins the first group to be allowed in to view Altamira’s cave art

Altamira cave will open to visitors

Widely expected decision flouts the majority opinion of prehistoric art experts

Altamira must be closed to visitors, Spanish scientists tell Unesco

Scholars accuse government of endangering Paleolithic cave art for political reasons


Germanwings crash site lies in remote and mountainous area of Alps

Group of gendarmes is attempting to reach the location, which is covered in deep snow

The truffle capital of the world

A remote corner of eastern Spain has become the largest global producer of the delicacy

Will Spain free its orca whales?

Pressure grows on marine parks to stop using the animals during shows

Taking on the mushroom mafias

Spain’s economic crisis is driving a growing trade in illegally collected species

Campofrío vows to rebuild factory in Burgos, after devastating blaze

The food group’s processed-meat plant, which employed 900, may burn for six more days

Are visitors, or Mother Nature, damaging Altamira’s cave paintings?

Spain’s Culture Ministry has been handed conflicting reports on preserving the Unesco site