Video: Thieving seagull treats GoPro owners to aerial tour of Cíes Islands

Bird mistook the camera for a snack and flew around the Galician isles with it in its beak

The moment the seagull flew off with the camera in its beak

A seagull makes a stealthy approach toward some tourists, and, taking advantage of their lapse in attention, grabs their GoPro camera in its beak and flies off with it. The incident took place on the Galician archipelago of the Cíes Islands, up on the vantage point on Lighthouse Island. YouTube user Martín Lozano, who uploaded the spectacular footage to the internet, had left his camera on the stone wall that surrounds the tourist attraction for just a few seconds. The bird, who had confused the object with something it could eat, stole the camera and recorded a spectacular flight over the islands, with several selfies included. Fortunately, the animal had the good manners to return it to an accessible spot, where it was recovered by its owners.

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