Video: Man arrested after leveling road signs with combine harvester

The dangerous maneuver was captured on video by the occupants of the car behind

Cuenca -

Spain’s Civil Guard on Monday arrested the operator of a combine harvester after he drove for five kilometers down a secondary road in Cuenca, knocking down road signs as he went. A video of the incident was filmed on a cellphone by the occupants of a vehicle following the harvester, and went viral on the social networks shortly after it was posted.

The video of the incident that was posted on social networks.

According to the central government delegation in Castilla-La Mancha, the man has been accused of three road traffic offenses: dangerous driving on a secondary road, damage to road signs, and damages on a public road.

The investigation began on July 7, when the Civil Guard became aware of the facts. In the video recorded by the occupants of the following car, the harvester can clearly be seen without any license plates, and with its header deployed. It is also traveling without a pilot vehicle, as is required by law.

The driver, who is aged 41, sustained this “dangerous situation” for five kilometers along the road connecting Parra de las Vegas and Almodóvar del Pinar, damaging all of the road signs along the way. A court in Cuenca has begun legal proceedings against the man in the wake of his arrest.

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