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Mafe Walker: The instant queen of alien languages and memes

Rigorous information has come under strain under the weight of incessant fake news and manipulation by governments and lobbies. It was never this easy for charlatans to thrive

Mafe Walker
Image shared by Mafe Walker after her appearance on TV show "Venga la Alegría."RR.SS

The scene was, to say the least, amazing. In the June 6 episode of the Mexican morning show Venga la Alegría, aired by Televisión Azteca, a singular guest made an appearance: the Colombian influencer Mafe Walker, who claims to be a medium, a telepathic guide to “a galactic portal.” She was a guest on the show because she claims to be able to “connect with spatial codes.” That is, she can speak alien languages.

Prompted by the host, the slender woman with dyed blonde hair and comfortable-looking clothes smiled, provided some vague explanations, and suddenly began to ramble in an unknown language. She delivered this gibberish with remarkable speed and with absolute conviction. It could almost be said that her Earthly accent was not noticeable. The show’s hosts seemed quite unfazed and even asked her some questions, which she answered in a mixture of Spanish and Borucas. “Mafe Walker speaks to us in alien language, totally live!” read a caption on the screen. The video of this performance, predictably, was soon making the rounds on social media, and Walker instantly became a meme and a trending topic.

Little is known about Walker, other than what she has claimed about herself on her social media accounts. She says that she was born in Bogotá, Colombia, in 1977, and that for a time she worked in real estate in the traditional neighborhood of Chapinero. She speaks English almost as fluently as she does the astral tongues. She asserts that she possessed these abilities from early childhood, but blocked them until 2012, when “there was something like a portal and from there I began to manifest with the body.” That is, she began her career as a sidereal medium.

Walker has lived in Mexico for a long time. Her TikTok account is made up of videos in which she walks through archaeological sites, where she directs “cosmic vibrational emanations.” That is, she speaks Borucas. For those of you who may feel the need to receive help from outer space, Walker offers sessions that can take place in the pyramids of Teotihuacán, in Cholula or in Mexico City’s Chapultepec Park. She also sees clients by videoconference. Sessions are priced at $75 per person.

So what services does she offer? Nothing more and nothing less than the extraction of implants in the body (not physical, but imaginary ones, installed, we must assume, by dark forces in order to control their victims). Walker also activates and/or reprograms the galactic codes “that we all have in our DNA.” She can also help with the proper development of the “psychic gifts” of those who hand over the required $75.

She herself was initiated into the mysteries of the cosmos by the medium Aurena Agathe Fowler (who, by the way, was sitting next to her in Venga la alegría while her pupil babbled in alien tongues, and who, according to her resume, is an expert in acupuncture and reflexology, and is certified to work as a spa manager).

It should come as no surprise these days that nonsense like this - that is, the staging of obvious falsehoods - is being shown on mainstream TV as though it were the most normal thing in the world. At a time when rigorous information is coming under strain, under the weight of incessant fake news and manipulation by governments, political parties and lobbies, the stage is set for all kinds of charlatans to thrive. Many charlatans know it, and they are turning people’s gullibility and desperation for answers into a money machine. Because nothing is free these days, not even in outer space.

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