Drug rug: Spanish police detain man with half a kilo of cocaine under his wig

Officers in Barcelona’s El Prat airport became suspicious given the Colombian suspect’s nervous behavior, as well as the size of his hairpiece and hat

Barcelona -
The man had 500g of cocaine under his wig.
The man had 500g of cocaine under his wig.NATIONAL POLICE

Spain’s National Police detained a man at the end of July in Barcelona’s El Prat airport with half a kilo of cocaine hidden under his hairpiece. Despite the suspect’s best efforts to pass through customs unnoticed, he was visibly nervous, prompting the suspicions of the authorities. The size of the wig and the hat he was wearing on top of it were sufficient cause for the man to be stopped.

The man had arrived in the Catalan capital on a flight from Bogotá, Colombia, considered to be one of the “hot flight” routes given the high number of drug mules that arrive from the destination carrying narcotics contained in their luggage or hidden about their person.

The drugs were found in a sealed package that was taped to the man’s head. The value of the drugs could be higher than €30,000, according to the police.

The man is now facing charges for public health offenses, and since his detention has been handed over to the competent judicial authority.

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