Sol protestors plot to snub mayoral swearing-ins

New town hall occupants to receive "boycott of boos" as part of continued attack on Spain's political class

Representatives of the cities where the 15-M protest movement took hold decided on Sunday to stage a new public demonstration on June 11, when all mayors are due to take office following local elections held two weeks ago.

Specifically, the swearing-ins will be "boycotted with boos" as a way to keep alive a grassroots movement aimed against the entire political class, viewed as corrupt and out of touch with the needs of citizens. Emissaries from 56 towns who met in Sol, the Madrid square that has been the heart of the movement, also decided to send "zombie guards" to escort politicians during public events.

Other initiatives include a referendum to debate electoral reform. The Sol sit-in is still ongoing after three weeks, despite a warning by the government that it cannot last indefinitely.

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Spanish protestors have agreed to actively boycott swearing-ins.
Spanish protestors have agreed to actively boycott swearing-ins.EFE
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