Why Vox really is a far-right party

Although its leader Santiago Abascal rejects the label, his ideology is based on populism, nationalism and an identity-based narrative


Ciudadanos, the mutating party

The trending political movement is hardly what it started out as, and will continue to change


Everyone against Ciudadanos

The strength of Albert Rivera’s group has prompted a concerted campaign from the other parties, who accuse it of moving further to the right

catalan independence

“Cataleños”: The emotional tsunami of Catalans living in Madrid

They built new lives in the Spanish capital, but are now caught between two worlds on the issue of secession

Catalan independence

What if Article 155 doesn’t work in Catalonia?

It is not clear whether measures to restore order in region will be effective after their Senate approval

spanish monarchy

Spain’s former king excluded from celebrations for return to democracy

Juan Carlos said to be irritated he was not invited to event that praised his role in 1977 elections


Once upon a time there was a circus

Madrid is following the paternalism of other Spanish cities in banning the use of animals in the ring

Cyber stalking

Virtual adultery with a twist

Spanish man found guilty of assuming false online identity to threaten his partner over her infidelity


Politicizing death

Discrepancy over minute of silence and excesses over Rita Barberá’s memory disrupt mourning


Madrid Mayor: “Cities can end the democratic apathy”

In this joint interview by EL PAÍS, Le Figaro and La Repubblica, Manuela Carmena takes stock of her first year in office and talks about politics, ideology and the larger role of cities in the world


The thick-blooded Spaniards

Dogmatism is a feature of any debate in Spanish society, which tends to ideologize everything from politics to bullfighting. The recent repeat elections are a prime example


Gibraltar is Spanish!

Foreign minister hails Brexit decision as way to recover the Rock


“It’s useless to vote for Rajoy and it’s useless to vote for Iglesias”

Socialist candidate Pedro Sánchez argues that his party will play a major role after Sunday’s election despite polls showing him fall to third place


Pablo Iglesias: “After I am prime minister, I will walk away from politics”

In this extensive interview with EL PAÍS ahead of the June 26 elections, the leader of Podemos addresses doubts regarding his plans for Spain


San Fulgencio’s British community says “no” to Brexit

Britons living in this Mediterranean town fear rising health expenses and declining property values


Italians impose virtual state of siege on all-Spanish Champions League final

Some 1,500 troops and police will be in attendance at the San Siro stadium on Saturday night


Moses, Aaron and an enormous bull

Over-the-top production of Arnold Schönberg’s 1932 opera comes to Madrid after Paris controversy


A modern generation of matadors

Cayetano is among a new breed of bullfighters unafraid to defend their profession

Catalan politics

Catalonia’s last indomitable Popular Party-governed village

Pontons is the only Catalan municipality still ruled by the pro-Spanish conservatives