catalan independence

“Cataleños”: The emotional tsunami of Catalans living in Madrid

They built new lives in the Spanish capital, but are now caught between two worlds on the issue of secession


Colau, the opportunist

The mayor of Barcelona has positioned herself on the side of those who cause division, at the expense of her city

Crisis in Catalonia

Catalan independence movement courts Colau after break with Socialists

Parties see chance to boost power in Barcelona after mayor splits with PSC over support of Article 155

Catalan independence

Spanish minister links Julian Assange meeting to Catalan independence drive

Key Catalan ideologue Oriol Soler met with WikiLeaks founder in London on November 9


Podemos and its dark origins

There are clear ties between some of the party’s driving members and the Venezuelan and Iranian regimes


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, November 14, 2017



Ros cartoon, November 14, 2017

Catalan independence

EU agrees to dedicate more resources to fight Russian propaganda

Interference from Russia in the Catalan independence crisis has spiked concerns about the manipulation of public opinion

Refugee Crisis

Syrian refugees begin the journey back home

More than 31,000 people returned to Syria during the first half of 2017, many of them from Turkey