On his 60th birthday, Antonio Banderas announces he has Covid-19

The Spanish actor broke the news via his social media accounts, and stated that he is "relatively well, just a bit more tired than usual"


How Spain’s face mask rules are being broken

Police officers explain the great number of excuses employed by people to explain why they are not following the coronavirus safety measure


Spanish government preparing special unemployment payment that would benefit 550,000 jobseekers

Labor ministry, unions and business associations negotiating a €430 monthly benefit and seeking ways to improve the conditions of the furlough scheme for part-time workers


The reliquary of the Covid-19 pandemic in Brazil

Our “new normal” cannot be a return to our old one, because this would mean erasing injustices like violence against women, structural racism and the genocide of indigenous people


Coronavirus hospitalizations in Spain quadruple in a month due to spike in cases

Medical centers are preparing for a surge in patients, as the number of Covid-19 outbreaks in the country rises to 580


Coronavirus crisis spells ruin for Madrid’s ‘Golden Mile’

The lack of foreign tourists, particularly from Asia, is devastating the luxury fashion strip in the Spanish capital