Diarrhea, hives and headaches: The lesser-known symptoms of the coronavirus

Spanish physicians are warning that there may be a second wave of transmissions if the public is not made more aware of all the possible manifestations of Covid-19


Daily coronavirus deaths in Spain fall to 399, while confirmed cases now exceed 200,000

This number of victims is the lowest figure seen since March 22, and brings the total number of Covid-19-related fatalities to 20,852


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, April 20, 2020


Spain proposes a €1.5 trillion coronavirus recovery fund financed through perpetual EU debt

Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez will be taking an ambitious plan to the upcoming European summit, but one that could be negotiated with northern countries such as Germany


The search for Hannibal’s elephants on the Tagus River

Research shows that the town of Driebes in Guadalajara province could be where the battle between the Carthaginians and the Carparthians was fought in 220 B.C.