Rajoy: a leader being “forced to act” to restore the law in Catalonia

Spanish PM gives news conference in Brussels, but fails to confirm talk of snap election in Catalonia

Why Spain’s Mar Menor is separating from the Mediterranean Sea

Experts warn the lagoon will be lost forever if urgent structural measures are not taken

Catalonia: rescuing autonomy

The application of Article 155 has become essential in the face of blackmail by the Catalan leader


Ros cartoon, October 20, 2017

Merkel, Macron and May show support for Spain over Catalan crisis

The issue is not on the EU summit’s official agenda, yet it is very much present at the two-day event

Wall Street jittery over rising political tension in Catalonia

“Intensity and duration” of the current crisis key to determining impact on markets, players warn

Spain and Catalonia: a brake on economic growth

The secessionist crisis raises Spanish borrowing costs and slows consumption and tourism in Catalonia

El Roto

El Roto cartoon, October 20, 2017

Spanish Cabinet to meet on Saturday to activate emergency rule in Catalonia

Carles Puigdemont threatens to “vote on formal independence declaration that was not voted on Oct. 10”

Buenos Aires: Disney’s ‘kids TV’ factory

The Argentinian capital is churning out vast numbers of Children’s TV productions watched worldwide with shows like ‘I’m Luna’ to be translated into 15 languages and shown in 150 countries

Catalonia: The gravity of the situation

The pro-independence movement has waged a war against the free press