Latin America

The daily trials and tribulations of a cyclist (and his tribe) in Lima

Bike users face a range of problems in Latin America, where two-wheeled transport is not the norm


January ends with a spike in gender violence murders across Spain

Eight victims died this past month at the hands of their current or ex-partners


Podemos refuses to back deal between Socialists and Ciudadanos

Anti-austerity leader Pablo Iglesias says the emerging parties’ policies are incompatible


Are George’s capsule coffee machines safe from germs?

A Spanish study analyzing bacteria that develop in the drip trays has had global repercussion

Latin America

The shantytown misery that Buenos Aires is struggling to hide

City Hall places plants and puts up walls to keep Villa 31’s poverty from eyes of motorists


Video: Catalan police officer’s head cam films man trying to stab him

Attacker seen launching himself at policeman in the recording, before being subdued


4.4-magnitude earthquake felt in five Andalusian provinces

Aftershocks continue a week on from larger tremor that rocked Spanish exclave city of Melilla


Vigilantes and violence among Extremadura’s olive groves

Growers in Badajoz province say desperate crop thieves are even resorting to kidnapping


Socialist leader readying deal in case king asks him to form government

Pedro Sánchez draws up draft document that he will put to an internal party referendum