US kills Al Qaeda leader behind 2007 attack on Spanish tourists in Yemen

Terrorist organization’s number two killed in CIA drone strike


Madrid mayor drops campaign promise of a local public bank

Manuela Carmena says her group’s election program was more “a list of suggestions” After already dealing with two internal crises, council to focus on housing policies

Latin America

Pope offers to mediate in Colombia’s rocky peace talks with FARC rebels

Francis tells president he is willing “to take on any necessary role” to reach an accord


Diphtheria case in Spain sparks EU alert over lack of anti-toxin reserves

Infection of six-year-old has highlighted shortage of medication that can fight the disease


Spain turns its back on the sun

Proposed legislation will stifle small-scale solar and wind energy production, critics warn

Latin America

PRI retains control of Mexico’s lower chamber with support from its allies

Conservative PAN and leftist PRD parties suffer worst midterm defeats in over 20 years


New Madrid mayor’s economic ideas slammed in Tax Agency report

Manuela Carmena ran on a program that included debt default and creating a public bank

An alternative currency for Barcelona?

Mayor campaigned on promise to create a new form of payment to boost local trade

Assaults on homeless by youngsters on the rise, says new report

A quarter of deaths among those living on the streets preceded by some kind of attack