Venezuelan government’s winning streak at the Supreme Court

Four attorneys collect more than 45,000 sentences that show judges’ attitude toward the regime

Spanish government aims to win support for fracking with new tax

Areas where oil and gas are located to receive money from exploitation activities


Spain’s soccer hooligan map

The recent death of a Deportivo fan in a fight in Madrid shows violence is still a problem

Brazil’s Petrobras scandal taints works projects across Latin America

New documents cast suspicion over 747 contracts in Argentina, Cuba and elsewhere

Madrid mosque was used to recruit combatants for Syria and Iraq

Moroccan ringleader spent four years in Guantánamo before acquittal by a Spanish court


Complementary pieces

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Ruling party rams controversial security legislation through Congress

Opposition calls it “a gag law” while a group of citizens sings protest song in parliament

AIDS: from fear to unawareness

Incidence of HIV in Spain remains above EU average despite widely available information

Castellón airport finally receives its first flight

“White elephant” gets operating license nearly four years after controversial inauguration