Corruption allegations surround Catalan Pujol clan

Sons of former regional premier probed


Before and after

Scandals see the ruling Popular Party forced to reopen an inquiry into its finances


Spaniard to reach Australia semis for third year running

Ferrer and Almagro to meet in Melbourne last eight

Animal groups blame Metro officials for death of trapped dog

Angry activists deny claim that “everything possible was done to rescue the animal”


“This puts us in our place,” as defeat catches up with Barcelona at last

Catalans suffer first Liga loss after memorable comeback by Real Sociedad


Socialist Party to lodge criminal complaint over illicit PP bonuses

De Cospedal hits back with claim that opposition figures made fortunes when ruling Castilla-La Mancha

A mother’s 200-year-old gift to anatomy

Madrid university aims to bring grisly wax models to a wider audience


Telefónica turns the corner in the broadband market with Fusión

Jazztel loses clients for the first time in five years due to ease of switching providers

Madrid targets prostitution as number of street workers rises

Popular Party mayor of capital presents proposals to "eradicate demand"

Justice Ministry pardons second dangerous driver sentenced to jail

Case comes just days after controversial reprieve from 13-year sentence for “kamikaze” who killed fellow road user

Figures for fuel consumption fall to lowest level since 1990s

Report shows “unprecedented” six-percent drop in 2012 amid sustained high prices for consumers


Opposition parties challenge PM to face Congress over Bárcenas scandal

“Mariano Rajoy needs to come out and tell Spaniards the truth about the PP’s accounts,” says Socialist leader Rubalcaba