Justice Ministry pardons second dangerous driver sentenced to jail

Case comes just days after controversial reprieve from 13-year sentence for “kamikaze” who killed fellow road user

Just two days after Interior Minister Jorge Fernández Díaz criticized the Justice Ministry for granting a pardon to a suicide driver jailed for 13 years for killing someone on the road, the official gazette (BOE) on Friday published a much reduced sentence handed down to another driver for a traffic offense.

At the proposal of Justice Minister Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón, the Cabinet at the end of last year commuted a four-month term for Reiner Pablo Herrera Valencia to 15 days of community service. The BOE did not say what offense he was convicted of.

"We are very disheartened; this is a very negative message because it appears you can drive drunk, break the speed limit and kill people only for the authorities to pardon you," said José Pérez Tirado, a spokesman for the Road Victims Association. "This is a joke; the message Gallardón is giving us is that he can do what he wants, just like a Roman emperor."

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