Ourense’s mayor among 13 arrested in anti-graft sweep across three regions

Socialist and Popular Party city chiefs among suspects in public contract fraud investigation


Number of long-term unemployed quadruples

People without work grew to 5.69 million at the end of June


Treasury exceeds maximum target at bond auction

Some 4.798 billion euros in bonds sold in what is was being called "a positive tender" Spain intent on avoiding second bailout request, government sources suggest


Ombudsman’s report decries legal loopholes in sex-slave prosecutions

More than 4,000 forced workers registered in Spain in past three years


This week’s movie releases

Woody Allen returns with a trip to Rome, while there's action galore from Nicolas Cage and Brad Pitt


The TV miniseries delving into the dark past of illegal adoptions

Antena 3 is screening a show based on the true stories of missing babies


Norman Foster's plans for Cuba

The British architect has offered his services free of charge on a project to help finish a dance center that was started 50 years ago


The road to federalism

Rajoy and Mas must take positions that allow for the evolution of the regional system


Málaga steals big two’s thunder

New kids on the block show veterans Real, Barça and Valencia how it’s done


Catalan premier shelves fiscal pact after failed meeting in Madrid

Snap poll looms as Mas leaves meeting with prime minister under cloud of disappointment

Spain asks Paraguay to stay away from Ibero summit to stave off boycott

Madrid diplomats work quietly to urge Argentina's leader to come to Cádiz

Acquittal still doesn't settle Peru’s first family quarrel

President Humala’s brother threatens electoral challenge

Internal Zetas war poses new security challenge for Mexico’s PRI

Peña Nieto will have to deal with fallout from cartel's bloody leadership struggle


"I wouldn't wish this experience on anyone. It's been a nightmare"

The aircraft mechanic Felipe García was facing criminal charges for his role in the Spanair crash


Latin America looks for its place

Citizens are being asked whether to renovate or revolutionize the politics of the southern land mass