Andalusian workers dislodged from protest camp; IU condemns lawlessness

Renegade mayor promises more action and to "march to every Andalusian province"


FROB bursts Bankia share-trading bubble

Fund’s warning that investors must take losses stems rise


Treatment of chronically ill migrants remains up in air

Health Ministry suggests emergency services will attend those without papers


A necessary extension

The 400-euro unemployment subsidy requires a legal change to facilitate return to employment


Argentina condemns Repsol journalist payoffs

President Fernández de Kirchner claims firm supplied 1.9 million euros a year to media


Spaniards signing up to loss of spending power

Collective pay agreements see rises lag well behind official rate of inflation

Spain taekwondo medalists: “We gorged on McDonalds”

González and Yagüe relive the hours that followed their Olympic success

"London is a games for the women"

Carlota Castrejana, Madrid regional sports director.


Five cities, 366 women and one original online film project

Madrid native aims to provide unique and personal experience for viewers

This week's movie releases

Tom Cruise surprises audiences in latest role as rock star

Cinema not so paradiso

The VAT rise on movie tickets threatens to deal a death blow to the industry


ETA inmates hold hunger strikes in two nations

Interior minister rejects any suggestion of negotiations with terrorist organization

UN workers won't be pulled from Sahrawi refugee camp

Decision stands in contrast to Spanish government move to bring volunteers home due to security threats


Minister pushing to keep emergency subsidy for out-of-work

Government may do midsummer about-turn on 400-euro last-resort checks