Coronavirus cases detected in last seven days fall to lowest ever level

A total of 130 infections were reported last night by the Spanish Health Ministry, with 74% of them in the Madrid and Catalonia regions

Doctors attend to a Covid-19 patient in Murcia.
Doctors attend to a Covid-19 patient in Murcia.JCCM (Europa Press)

Apart from the sporadic coronavirus outbreaks that have been detected in Spain this last week, and that are apparently under control, the majority of new cases of the virus are being detected in Madrid and Catalonia. These two regions account for 74% of the 130 positives that the Health Ministry reported on Saturday evening, as part of its daily data on the epidemic in Spain.

The Health Ministry still has not updated the total number of fatalities related to Covid-19

The report shows that there has been a fall in infections, with the figure for the last week dropping to 1,733, the lowest figure since the ministry began to publish this statistic on May 25.

The Health Ministry still has not updated the total number of fatalities related to Covid-19, and has for the last three weeks been working on an update of the entire historical series. As a result, around 2,000 deaths are in a kind of limbo until they are assigned to a specific date. According to the report released last night by the ministry, 25 people with the coronavirus have died in the last seven days, also the lowest number since the reporting system was changed. Seven regions and the North African exclave cities of Ceuta and Melilla reported no fatalities at all.

New hospitalizations of coronavirus patients also hit a new low, with 125 in the last week. Intensive care unit (ICU) admissions, meanwhile, came in at seven, falling below 10 for the first time in a week. Nearly 70% of hospitalizations were in four regions: Madrid, Catalonia, Castilla-La Mancha and Castilla y León. ICU beds were only required in these four regions, as well as in Cantabria and the Valencia region.

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