A personal blog about a global experience

US student Nell Snow was an intern at the English Edition of EL PAÍS in Madrid – until the coronavirus epidemic broke out and forced her to make some difficult choices


Trash city: Why Madrid needs to take a stand against plastic

British journalist Charles Graham-Dixon looks at the ingrained use of this so-called ‘wonder’ material in the Spanish capital, from the supermarket to the local ‘frutería’


Why an American photographer is fighting for Madrid’s Romani community

Shocked by the level of racism against Gypsies in Spain, Michael Damanti has made it his mission to show that they are not “criminals” but people with names, stories and families

Sustainable living

Eco-friendly Barcelona: Trend or truth?

This week on our Trans-Iberian blog, May Ponzo explores the Gràcia neighborhood to see whether locals are genuinely environmentally conscious, or whether new habits are just an extension of a health fad


Why I’m joining the climate protests, and you should too

James Bryce, a Briton living in Spain, may not be an environmental “saint” – he is not a vegetarian, he owns a car, and he flies from time to time. But regular folks like him still can and must do their part to pressure governments into taking urgent action, he argues on our TransIberian blog


Why staying healthy in Barcelona is much easier than you think

Newcomer May Ponzo has been pleasantly surprised to find that there is a booming fitness and health culture in the Catalan capital, with Pilates studios and vegan options on nearly every corner


“When I say I left home at 18 the Spanish look at me as if to say, What was your problem?!”

As part of our series of interviews with people who have made their lives in Spain, Abi Clark meets Andy Mackay, the director of the British Council’s operations in Spain and Portugal

Working Abroad

The United States vs Spain: a graduate’s dilemma

EL PAÍS English Edition summer intern Henry Hahn reflects on his time abroad and the differences between interning in Spain and the US