New Zealand attacker had name of Spanish killer on weapon

“Josué Estébanez,” who murdered youngster Carlos Palomino in a hate crime in Madrid in 2007, was written on a rifle magazine along with citations of other right-wing figures


“Bank-owned apartment for sale to squatters. Pay in cash”

Madrid's property black market is offering empty homes to buy or rent for a period of two years – the time it takes the repossession to go through the courts


An untimely death in a Madrid storm drain

After Carlos Perry was found dead, with his legs protruding from a street sewer in the Spanish capital, police concluded that he must have been searching for his car keys


Madrid homeless told to declare earnings to receive public aid

Applicants of guaranteed minimum income benefits must provide a sworn statement with estimated revenues from begging, busking and scrap metal collection


As Madrid shanty town demolished, man must pick one of his 100 cats

Like all the residents of El Gallinero, which has stood for decades, Vasile Antonescu will be relocated this week to an apartment in the city


The fight of the century: man versus machine

The inauguration of the first robot factory in Europe reignites the debate over the loss of jobs and the fascinating question of whether machines should have to pay taxes

INTERVIEW | Aleksandar Vučić

“Putin is Serbia’s friend but he respects our path towards the EU”

President of Serbia talks to EL PAÍS about the Balkan country’s efforts to join the bloc, and how Kosovo is proving a sticking point


A shrine to a Spanish dictator in Amsterdam

Grandson of Dutchman who fought in Spain’s Civil War keeps kitsch collection of Franco memorabilia


The Venezuelan retirees trapped in Spain with no pension

Authorities in Caracas have stopped payments, exposing thousands of vulnerable expats to poverty


Learning to love your village

A hamlet in Soria is fighting the side effects of depopulation with positive psychology


Worried Gibraltarians look set to vote to remain in EU

Residents feel that leaving would be economically disastrous and might create further problems with Spain


How a Mexican cockfight impresario took his revenge on six housebreakers

Rancher hires hit men to track down the thieves who burgled his home last year

Latin America

Mexico will not pay for Trump’s wall – “under any circumstances”

Minister describes plan for a fence at the 3,200-kilometer border an “absurd, terrible idea”

Latin America

Pope Francis expected to speak out against drug violence in Michoacán

The pontiff has insisted on visiting the troubled Mexican state on his five-day trip

Latin America

Families desperately seek loved ones after Mexican prison riot

“There are decapitated bodies inside,” says man whose brother witnessed “the slaughter”

Latin America

Video: How ‘El Chapo’ managed to make his escape behind a mirror

Video footage from a Mexican marine’s helmet-cam shows raid on the drug lord’s hideout

Latin America

Community leader who searched for missing Iguala students shot dead

Miguel Ángel Jiménez dug up dozens of mass graves in Mexico’s violent Guerrero state

Latin America

Human rights panel blames Mexico for delaying Iguala massacre inquiry

Experts want to speak to soldiers who saw the students the night they disappeared

Latin America

The all-seeing eye of Mexico’s cartels

Authorities in Tamaulipas state take down surveillance cameras installed by secret gang

Latin America

Mexican police capture one of the masterminds behind Iguala massacre

The suspect, a former deputy police chief, was arrested at an exclusive country club

Experts ask Mexico to continue search for 43 missing students in Iguala

International expert committee says students’ destination remains uncertain

Latin America

The mental scars of Mexico’s Dirty War

Torture victim Enrique Chávez is kept in chains by his family for fear of his violent actions


Who’s heading up the Sinaloa cartel?

Dámaso “El Licenciado” López has emerged as a leader following the arrest of “El Chapo”

Latin America

Forensic experts fail to identify remains of missing Iguala students

Austrian scientists say bodies were too badly burned to obtain sufficient DNA

Latin America

Why 2014 is a year for Mexico to forget

The Iguala student massacre has been disastrous for Peña Nieto's second year in office


The garbage-dump grave of the 43 missing Mexican students

EL PAÍS visits the site where the authorities believe the youths were killed and burned


Ayotzinapa, the cradle of Mexico’s rebel teachers

The town’s students, like those killed in Iguala, have a history of fighting for social causes