Climate change

The Greta Thunberg generation

Inspired by the Swedish teenage climate activist, the younger members of society are leading the fight against global warming

climate change

Temperatures of Spanish coastal waters hit record highs

Deep-sea buoy off the Mediterranean coast of Tarragona, in Catalonia, registers 27ºC


Arrested in Greece: Spanish activists who hid eight refugees in caravan

Pair could face people-smuggling charges over protest against Europe’s immigration policies


Moroccan study doubles official number of ISIS recruits from Spain

450 citizens or residents said to have traveled to Syria and Iraq to join jihadists over last two years


Spanish Police arrest 56 in raid targeting online child pornography

The individuals, detained in 28 provinces, allegedly shared material depicting sexual abuse of children


Are Spain’s immigrant detention centers in breach of human rights law?

Testimonies highlight unclear legal status of many detainees who have committed no crime


Spain’s only openly gay referee under protection due to death threats

Jesús Tomillero has met with EU representatives to discuss safety measures for LGTB people in sports