Coronavirus: The war of our generation

Under Operation Balmis, more than 8,000 soldiers in Spain are doing what they can every day to support the fight against Covid-19, from building field hospitals and disinfecting senior residences, to transporting the bodies of victims

The battle to legalize cannabis in Spain

The country has some of the world’s most active research teams looking into the drug, but it is still illegal for medicinal and recreational purposes. The value of the global industry is set to grow to around €50 billion – is there a risk that Spanish players could miss out?


La Rambla: Bearing the scars of jihad

On August 17 last year, 16 people were killed by Islamic extremists in Barcelona and Cambrils. Eight of the terrorists died. They belonged to a jihadist cell that appeared, from the outside, to be an ordinary crowd of youngsters hanging out together, a band of brothers who aroused no suspicion whatsoever. A year on, we review the events of that fateful day to seek out the reasons for their radicalization and the political and social response to the jihadist phenomenon

Spanish politics

Moncloa Confidential: A peek inside the Spanish PM’s seat of power

Spain’s epicenter of influence lies just five minutes from Madrid. With the sole purpose of supporting the country’s leader, this miniature city is accessible to only a few. Here is how it works

The Spanish vineyard revolution

Forty years ago, Spanish wine was precisely nowhere on the global map. Now, it has almost legendary status among connoisseurs the world over. This is the story of how this change came about.

The rise and fall of Mallorca’s nightlife king

For 40 years Tolo Cursach ruled the island’s night scene. But in March he was arrested and taken into custody accused of 16 different offenses. A born card shark, he has found that this time, the odds are stacked against him


Carolina Herrera, the Empress of Manhattan

The head of a billion-dollar global fashion empire came to design by chance when she was 42


Safeguarding the Strait of Gibraltar

The stretch of water that separates Spain and Morocco is a major global hotspot


Spain’s most dangerous neighborhood

Even the police rarely venture into El Príncipe in Ceuta, where poverty and drug violence rule


Inside Spain’s Civil Guard

Feared under Franco, the 170-year-old force has been reinvented under democracy


The power of Basque cuisine

What drives the culinary excellence of a region that is home to five of the world’s best restaurants?


How Spain’s Princess Letizia took on her royal challenge

Ex-newsreader faced a steep learning curve after marrying Prince Felipe a decade ago Since then she has found success abroad and carved out niches in education, innovation and health


Ferran Adrià cooks up some art

The widely acclaimed chef will be taking center stage at the EL PAÍS stand at ARCO


The exceptions that rule

Having made it in a male-dominated world, the female bosses of some of Spain's leading tech companies say they want to help more women reach top positions