Catalan crisis

Offended words

To talk about the police’s “torture methods” on October 1 in Barcelona is an affront to all the people in the world who have suffered and continue to endure real torture


Nothing but the truth

The PP has not learned the lesson about where lying leads a party and now seems to have vowed to deceive its own voters


Fool or lackey?

It seems that it is ridiculous to speak out, to denounce corruption, abuses, injustices and crimes


Punishable offense

The phrase "I love my country" is invariably grandiloquent, opportunistic and fallacious, and uttered to please a jingoistic element


Off the record

The bankers and politicians who have squandered have spoiled Spain’s image, not those who reveal corruption


Alert, safe and sound

In the field of the arts and journalism this is turning out to be a bad year, particularly in Spain


Not to have been born

People take statistical probabilities for an oracle, forgetting the element of uncertainty


Hypocritical exploitation

The Rajoy government has picked on culture, education, science and research as the preferred victims of its cutbacks


Private Spanish spooks

The government has changed the rules so that CNI intelligence agents can be employed by companies



The Spanish government seems to think that people who are suffering hardship are lazy or just plain dumb


Intellectual distraction

It is not fair to say that Spain’s intelligentsia has been asleep on the watch as boom turned to bust


Pardon me?

Are government pardons so exceptional as we imagined? Not at all. All our prime ministers in recent decades have given them out with generous hands


My old idol

In an age when subjectivity is viewed as some sort of crime, the Duke of Edinburgh keeps on shooting from the hip


Invitation to crime

The right is tough on immigration but soft on mafias and casino tycoons


Farewell hope

The crisis is no longer a distraction; the one remaning hope. Is Spain headed for a return to the Franco Era?


Wonders of the crisis

Imagine a country where graft and robbery are no longer smiled on and the corrupt “acquitted” by their voters


Funny times

Calls for the Spanish king to abdicate because he likes to shoot animals are proof that neurosis is now the norm


The touch of genius

Messi may be a truly marvelous player, but off the field there is something missing