And what about transparency?

Corruption needs to be punished, and stamped out via laws that allow information to flow

Sister María faces second court date in stolen babies scandal

Nun is accused of involvement in the 1981 disappearance of twins


Ex-Madrid premier sees no conflict of interest in becoming headhunter

Aguirre snapped up by high-profile agency amid questions over private postings

PP gets its “jack of all trades” out of prison

Ángel Carromero returns to 50,000-euro job as advisor to Madrid councilor


The shadow behind David Bowie

The musician has released his first new work in 10 years New Yorker Tony Oursler is the visual mastermind behind the nostalgic video

US Defense chief Panetta in Madrid to discuss shared security concerns

Mali, Afghanistan and cyber-crime on the agenda


Bank of Portugal predicts much deeper recession than the government this year

Supervisor expects slowdown in export growth to influence a GDP contraction of 1.9 percent


Spain considers logistical support for France in Mali

EU meeting on Thursday to pave way for training mission in face of jihadist insurgency


Constitutional Court freezes one-euro prescription fee on medicines in Catalonia

Region took in 46 million euros from the measure in the second half of 2012 Madrid's identical surcharge also to be challenged by Rajoy government


Whither Spain’s high-speed trains?

Billions have been spent on building a rail network that will soon link Madrid with Paris Economists argue these prestige projects have largely proved to be loss-makers


The beginning of the end of ETA: 25 years since parties joined forces

The Ajuria Enea Pact was signed by nationalist and non-nationalist groups on January 12, 1988


Alhambra sees visitor numbers fall but revenues on the rise

Economic crisis has taken its toll on Granada landmark

Theater therapy for atrocity town

Locals recreate 1933 Casas Viejas massacre in the streets where it took place

Treasury cashes in on market truce by issuing 5.775 billion euros in bills

Government expects improved conditions to persist in coming months


Former Madrid health chief steps down over contract row

Onetime PP official Juan José Güemes denies any conflict of interest in Unilabs privatization deal


My old idol

In an age when subjectivity is viewed as some sort of crime, the Duke of Edinburgh keeps on shooting from the hip


Crossfire of appeals

The euro-per-prescription fee is inequitable, as it taxes the sick and is generating a legal dispute


Gap between electricity output costs and rates swells in 2012

Increase in premiums on green energy sees “tariff deficit” balloon beyond government limit to four billion euros