Tour firm prompts row with Cádiz Carnival alcohol and condom trip

Andalusian government says travel operator’s €18 deal projects wrong image of event

Hashish galore!

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Nine prison ships set up in the city's bay held Napoleonic war prisoners in appalling conditions

Four gender violence deaths in two days

A 47-year-old English teacher in Torremolinos was killed after her partner slit her throat

Theater therapy for atrocity town

Locals recreate 1933 Casas Viejas massacre in the streets where it took place


The city planner's illegal home

Half of the 80,000 inhabitants of Chiclana live in houses for which no building permit was granted They now find themselves trapped in a nightmarish legal limbo


Gang snatches 290 kilos of cocaine from under noses of authorities

Security was “good, but not good enough,” says Andalusia police chief

Man wrongfully jailed for rape wins €1 million compensation

Rafael Ricardi spent 13 years in jail before being absolved