US and Latin America baffled by Spain’s political impasse

Leading regional powers wonder why there’s still no government after nine months and two elections


Mexican drug lord’s extradition moves forward despite delaying tactics

Mexico City court hears US request for Sinaloa Cartel boss to stand trial on September 26


After Mexico visit, Trump takes hardest line yet against immigration

Despite conciliatory tone with Peña Nieto, candidate rails against migrants at Phoenix rally


Trump makes surprise visit to Mexico despite months of verbal attacks

Republican candidate’s trip to see President Peña Nieto is part of bid to improve his image


For Mexico’s troubled Pemex, deeper debt seems the only option

Promised reforms have done nothing to help state-owned oil producer attract foreign investment

Latin America

Another environmentalist killed in Honduras in wake of Berta Cáceres murder

Some 114 environmentalists have been killed in Central American country over the last decade


A journey to the home of fentanyl, the drug that killed Prince

EL PAÍS finds that production of a substance 50 times stronger than heroin has spread through the Mexican state of Guerrero


Armed group loots home of El Chapo’s mother in Sinaloa

Around 150 hitmen broke into the mansion where the drug trafficker’s family member lives, killing three nearby residents in the process


Mexican bullfighter left tetraplegic in ring succumbs to his injuries

Matador ‘El Pana’ had asked his doctors to let him die after being gored by a bull back in May


Badly injured Mexican bullfighter asks doctors to let him die

At age 64, Rodolfo Rodríguez “El Pana” held the record for the longest career inside Mexico’s bullrings


How Honduran environmentalist Berta Cáceres was murdered

The only witness to the murder of the human rights and environmental campaigner has decided to speak out

Latin America

Drug cartels “rule half of Mexico’s prisons,” new report reveals

Human rights study highlights government “indifference” to overcrowding and violence


“El Chapo” launches multiple appeals in bid to delay extradition to US

Presence of Sinaloa cartel boss in Mexico puts pressure on President Peña Nieto

US Elections 2016

Mexico goes on the offensive against Donald Trump

After replacing its ambassador, southern neighbor is seeking to highlight influence on US economy


Kate del Castillo tells her side of the ‘El Chapo’ story in purple prose

Actress publishes sensationalist version of secret meeting with world’s biggest drug lord


Low water levels reveal submerged 16th-century temple in Mexico

The historic Dominican structure only surfaces during times of drought


Mexico’s Iñárritu takes second Oscar win in row in times of Trump

The director is close to achieving legendary status after scooping another award

Latin America

Prison uprising in northern Mexico leaves 49 dead

Twelve others injured, five of them seriously, according to Nuevo León state governor

Latin America

‘El Chapo’ Guzmán — the most heavily guarded prisoner in the world

The Sinaloa cartel drug lord sleeps in a different cell each night

Latin America

Spanish and Argentinean producers also met ‘El Chapo,’ says Mexico

Official sources believe filmmakers went with Sean Penn to meet notorious drug lord


Let’s not forget about the dead journalists, Mr Penn

The actor is free to use his material from his ‘El Chapo’ meeting in any way he wants, but the claim he went as a journalist crosses the line

Latin America

Mexico mulls calling Sean Penn in to testify over ‘El Chapo’ meeting

Hollywood actor met drug lord Guzmán in secret for ‘Rolling Stone’ interview last October


Mexican president announces capture of drug lord “El Chapo” Guzmán

The world’s most-wanted trafficker has been arrested in Sinaloa, Peña Nieto confirms

Latin America

Spanish exiles’ historic cultural center in Mexico City faces closure

The Ateneo Español was founded after Civil War by poet León Felipe and other intellectuals

Latin America

Guatemala’s jailed ex-leader: “I didn’t want any deaths just to save my skin”

Otto Pérez Molina blames Washington for his downfall in an alleged customs bribery case


Financial problems put ‘The New York Times’ expansion plans on hold

US daily looks toward Mexico with Carlos Slim’s help after it cancels Brazilian edition


Mexico ruling opens door for legalization of marijuana

Supreme Court votes to allow cannabis club to grow drug for recreational use