US Elections 2016

Mexico goes on the offensive against Donald Trump

After replacing its ambassador, southern neighbor is seeking to highlight influence on US economy


Venezuela adopts four-day working week in bid to save energy

Government is adopting the measures in response to low water levels in the Guri Dam


The Spanish siesta: myth or reality?

Timetables are different to the rest of Europe’s, but that doesn’t mean people are sleeping on the job


Acting finance minister revises Spanish deficit down from 5.2% to 5%

Montoro says a reorganization of the EU radio spectrum has yielded extra revenues for state


Hawaiian gods push their giant telescope toward the Canary Islands

Dispute over use of sacred land to build Thirty-Meter Telescope has officials looking for Plan B


Spanish Congress moves to take “contemptuous” government to court

Two-thirds of the chamber vote in favor and accuse acting executive of disrespecting democracy

Salou forces promoter to remove reference to “orgies” in springbreak ad

Local council unhappy to see resort town advertised once more as party paradise