Spanish economy sees record-high quarterly rise, but remains far from pre-crisis levels

Gross domestic product rose 16.7% between July and September, but the recovery is likely to be short term as Spain faces a new round of coronavirus restrictions


The K factor: why it matters where we are infected with the coronavirus

Studies show that 10% of positive cases are responsible for 80% of infections. But in Spain, only 12% of diagnoses are linked to known outbreaks


Social media’s business model is a threat to democracy – it’s time to change it

These companies are eroding our democratic institutions. The creator of Facebook’s ‘Like’ button says only public pressure and collective action can put a stop to it


Why Asia is better at beating the pandemic than Europe: the key lies in civility

The continent is experiencing a much milder second wave of the coronavirus than Europe due to the public spirit of the people, argues the philosopher Byung-Chul Han


State of alarm: All the latest coronavirus restrictions in Spain, region by region

Here is a guide to the measures that have been introduced by each regional government in a bid to slow the spread of the virus


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El Roto cartoon, October 30, 2020