“Patience has its limits,” says health minister after government declares state of alarm in Madrid

The National Police and the Civil Guard deployed 7,000 officers in different parts of Madrid on Friday afternoon, in order to ensure that the new restrictions were observed and that those confined to their municipalities did not leave the region


The Madrid cities under the state of alarm: What you can and can’t do

The central government has used a decree to lock down the capital and eight other municipalities. Residents of these areas who break the rules could be fined


Spanish Cabinet declares state of alarm in Madrid to slow coronavirus spread

The decision was taken by the Socialist Party-Unidas Podemos government after the regional administration of premier Isabel Díaz Ayuso failed to propose restrictions by a 12pm deadline


Amid confusion over rules, doctors and health experts call on Madrileños to respect coronavirus restrictions

Specialists warn that residents may become more complacent about safety measures after the Madrid High Court struck down the perimetral lockdowns in the region


Under coronavirus restrictions, can Spaniards be persuaded to eat dinner at 8pm?

Bars and restaurants in the Madrid region are hoping that customers will be able to adapt to the earlier closing times that have been implemented in a bid to slow the spread of the virus


Health Ministry reports 12,400 new coronavirus cases and 126 fatalities

Authorities call for Madrileños to act “responsibly” after restrictions on movement are struck down by the Madrid High Court


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, October 9, 2020


PM to hold a Cabinet meeting to declare state of alarm in Madrid

The move comes after Pedro Sánchez gave the regional premier an ultimatum: if she does not implement coronavirus measures, the government will act unilaterally