Why the Middle Ages have become incredibly relevant

Far-right parties like Vox in Spain use doubtful historical facts to justify their vision of a modern-day Islamic invasion


E-scooter rider who caused Spain’s first fatality faces fine, not prison

The young man killed a 90-year-old when he ran into her from behind as she was returning home from her morning walk


Spain’s voters upset at stalemate but divided over a new election, poll shows

The majority of Unidas Podemos and Socialist voters do not want to go back to the ballot boxes, but right-wing supporters defend a new vote


Spanish archaeologists discover largest Iberian-era building known to date

The site, which sits atop a craggy hill, contains layers of many civilizations dating back to the Bronze Age


Spain’s traffic authority to use drones to fine drivers

Starting today, the aircraft will be used to catch violators on roads with a high accident rate and those used by many pedestrians and cyclists