Are there tax havens in the heart of the European Union?

The EU list of offenders only includes jurisdictions outside Europe, yet there is evidence that foreign investment is flowing through small countries such as Ireland and Luxembourg without any link to actual activity


Toothpick trickster: Why this Spaniard’s ID photo went viral

Sergio Álvarez snapped the cheeky picture as a dare, not realizing it would be approved by the police or cause such a stir online

Historical memory

Spanish sailor faces 30 days in custody for signing declaration against Franco

Navy believes the first corporal jeopardized the neutrality of the armed forces by criticizing the former Spanish dictator


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, February 5, 2019


Spanish government fears approach to Catalan independence may end in failure

The Socialist Party administration has made a series of gestures to appease pro-secession parties, but the efforts could have been in vain if its budget plan is rejected


From secretaries to secret police: Spain’s female officers celebrate 40 years on the force

Since 1979, the number of women in blue has jumped from 41 to more than 9,000, but as they explain, sexism remains an issue