A king with a mission: the humanitarian deeds of Alfonso XIII during the Great War

An exhibition in the Royal Palace reveals the remarkable scope of the Spanish monarch’s rescue operation for prisoners of the First World War


Spanish ministry opposes Catalan plans for six foreign delegations

Foreign Minister Josep Borrell thinks their “clear and manifest goal” goes against the principles of Spanish diplomacy


Why Britons in Spain need to fight for another Brexit referendum

A fairer vote is needed to ensure British citizens can continue to enjoy the benefits of living in such a beautiful, culturally rich country


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, November 9, 2018


Who is the Franco supporter accused of plotting to kill the Spanish PM?

When police arrested security guard Manuel Murillo Sánchez, they found 16 handguns and a military assault rifle


Spain signed €48 million in irregular arms deals with Saudi Arabia

The state-owned company Defex is under investigation for paying illegal commissions to officials and execs in exchange for weapons contracts


Spain’s Extremadura region: “No opportunities and no hope”

More than 400,000 locals in the region live on €700 a month while 13,000 have left in the last five years as promises of a better rail connection fail to materialize