Uruguay loses momentum in the marijuana legalization stakes

Decision to make recreational use legal has been dogged by unexpected difficulties such as a bank veto


Spanish government backtracks on reforms to controversial “gag law”

Pedro Sánchez’s administration has softened its hard-line position and wants to save key sections on express deportations and the filming of police officers

Flash floods in Mallorca

After eight-day search, body of six-year-old Artur located in Mallorca

The child was caught up in last week’s torrential rainfall and flash flooding, which also claimed the life of his mother


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, October 17, 2018


Spain’s most wanted drug lord turns himself in after appearing in music video

Francisco Tejón is head of Los Castañas, a cartel which has amassed €30 million from controlling the hashish route from Morocco into Europe via the Strait of Gibraltar


Tobacco complicates Brexit negotiations with Gibraltar

Talks between Madrid and London are making good progress but there are still some stumbling blocks


Spain’s Podemos: from street protests to governing deals in four years

After a much-publicized budget deal, Pablo Iglesias sets his sights on governing with the Socialists in 2020