Mexico-US relations

Mexicans take to the streets to protest against Donald Trump

Non-partisan demonstrations throughout the country bring thousands out to demand “respect” and “dignity”


“We’re not talking about a glass ceiling here. We’re talking about a glass cliff”

Cisco CTO Monique Morrow believes companies should radically change their business philosophy

gender violence

Point-blank shooting: Outrage in Argentina over murder of two teenage girls

Police arrest ex-boyfriend of one of victims as country fights to stop violence against women


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, February 13, 2017



Ros cartoon, February 13, 2017


‘Help a Dane:’ Denmark asks Spain to save its citizens from skin cancer

Humorous video campaign asks Spaniards for assistance in prevention of deadly disease


Wary Brussels boosts Spain’s deficit forecast to 3.5% of GDP for 2017

European Commission sees signs of slowdown, questions Madrid’s ability to meet tax revenue forecasts

spanish politics

Podemos chooses radical path as leader shores up control of party

Pablo Iglesias won 89% of votes at weekend leadership election after bitter power struggle

Planeta Futuro

Meet the African men standing up against female genital mutilation

The city of Bilbao is pioneering an intercultural program to raise awareness about its negative impact