El comidista

Revealed: the hidden sugar in the food we eat everyday

Spanish initiative uses photography to show how major brands sweeten their products


Cuban migrants: “What Mexico is doing to us is inhuman”

When US ended ‘wet foot, dry foot’ policy, hundreds of islanders got trapped near end of their journey


Immigrant America: From the Great Inclusion to the Great Expulsion?

The US has an extraordinary ability to absorb immigrants but there have always been roadblocks


Topless Femen protester interrupts unveiling of Trump waxwork

Feminist activist manhandles figure by crotch screaming “grab patriarchy by the balls”


Island of Mallorca prepares for snow as cold snap enters Spain

Thirty provinces on alert for adverse conditions, including temperatures that will feel like -30ºC


Trump against Europe

The incoming US president is straining transatlantic relations

Yak-42 Accident

Defense minister apologizes “on behalf of the state” to victims of 2003 military air crash

Dolores de Cospedal offers relatives of 62 soldiers killed aboard Yak-42 “moral reparation”



Ros cartoon, January 17, 2017


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, January 17, 2017


EU tells Spain to brace for cuts due to likely 2017 deficit target miss

Brussels is concerned about PM Rajoy’s ability to get new adjustments approved in a hostile Congress