Topless Femen protester interrupts unveiling of Trump waxwork

Feminist activist manhandles figure by crotch screaming “grab patriarchy by the balls”

Femen interrupts the unveiling in Madrid of a Donald Trump waxwork.Photo: atlas | Video: ATLAS

Madrid’s Museo de Cera wax museum unveiled its Donald Trump waxwork on Tuesday, three days ahead of the beginning of the start of the president-elect’s term in office. But the ceremony was not without incident, after a bare-chested activist from feminist group Femen interrupted the event, manhandling the crotch of the wax figure and calling for people to “grab patriarchy by the balls.”

The protest was similar to others that have been staged by the group in the past, including in Spain’s Congress and the Almudena cathedral in Madrid, at which two activists tied themselves to a crucifix.

The museum’s spokesperson tried to cover up the young woman with Trump’s red baseball cap

The museum’s spokesperson, Gonzalo Presa, tried to cover up the young woman with the red baseball cap that the Trump figure was wearing, and then with the jacket that she had discarded, and finally with the balloons that adorned the red carpet that led up to the waxwork.

In the end employees from the museum managed to restrain the protester by her arms and lead her away from the scene.

Presa later said that he was “very sorry about such an unpleasant situation,” and that Trump was “a president like many others.” Femen, meanwhile, claimed responsibility for the protest via Twitter, writing: “Femen has just grabbed Trump’s waxwork by the balls in Madrid! Grab patriarchy by the balls.”

The Trump waxwork will be on display in the Museo de Cera alongside figures of Barack Obama, John Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln. Work on the waxwork began on November 9, the day that Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton at the 2016 US elections. It was completed on Tuesday morning.

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