Island of Mallorca prepares for snow as cold snap enters Spain

Thirty provinces on alert for adverse conditions, including temperatures that will feel like -30ºC

It’s here. The cold front sweeping Europe has entered Spain through the northeast, bringing lower temperatures, rain, wind and snow to the peninsula. The cold snap is expected to provide some unusual images on Tuesday, such as snow on the Balearic islands of Mallorca and Menorca. Snowfall is also being forecast for Thursday in Valencia and in the North African Spanish city of Ceuta, which has not seen snow since 1993.

Residents of Benasque, in the Pyrenees, knee-deep in snow.
Residents of Benasque, in the Pyrenees, knee-deep in snow.Javier Broto (EFE)
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Unusual winter landscapes as Spain feels sting of cold snap

There is a small chance of snow in Madrid as well.

Temperatures will plunge to -10ºC in mountain areas, with highs of no more than 5ºC across much of the country.

But the wind-chill factor will make it feel like it is “as low as -30ºC” in areas where snowfall is expected, said Ana Casals, the spokeswoman for the national weather service Aemet.

For instance, “wherever it is 0ºC and there are winds of 50 to 70km/h, it will feel like -8ºC or -9ºC; in areas where the air temperature is -5ºC and the wind is blowing with the same intensity, it will feel like -15ºC.”

Satellite image of Spain for the Aemet weather service.
Satellite image of Spain for the Aemet weather service.EFE
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To illustrate the sudden drop in temperatures, Casals noted that the Andalusian city of Seville will be experiencing 20ºC on Tuesday and 8ºC on Wednesday, representing an overnight change of 12ºC.

Conditions are expected to be bitterly cold in the Catalan region of Empordà, in the eastern Balearics, and in parts of central and northeastern mountain ranges.

Weather advisories have been extended to 30 provinces for snow, cold temperatures, wind , adverse sea conditions and even avalanches (in Huesca, Lleida and Navarre).

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