catalan independence bid

Ex-official faces nine-year ban from office over Catalan independence poll

Prosecutors want Francesc Homs to stand trial for disobeying the Constitutional Court’s orders


Road to nowhere: Mexico City struggles with traffic woes

Experts warn bigger and better public transport only way ahead for city in love with the automobile


Messi’s missing torso: Buenos Aires statue of striker broken in half

Act of vandalism reflects Argentineans’ divided opinion of Barcelona FC striker


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, January 11, 2017



Ros cartoon, January 11, 2017

LGTBQ campaigns

Mystery NY donor funds Basque campaign showing girls with penises and boys with vulvas

Nude cartoons went up in parts of northern Spain to raise awareness about transgender children

YAK-42 Accident

Defense minister accepts responsibility for 2003 military air crash

Dolores de Cospedal promises families of 62 victims “change of attitude” but probe won’t be reopened


Spanish bank bailout cost taxpayers €41.8 billion, Audit Court finds

New report says full amount may still climb higher, and confirms that a large chunk is unrecoverable


Catholic marriages hit historic low in increasingly secular Spain

Church weddings made up just 22% of country’s total in first half of 2016, new statistics show